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  Janne Bender                      

    born 1951     

                              at the age of four engaged in creating weird three-dimensional objects from paper                         

    1959                  taking up photography with equal enthusiasm + an Agfa Clack

                              „life – accompanying“...

                                ... literary, autobiographical and journalistic writing since I was able to hold a ballpoint / pen / cil

    1970 - 1977        student at the universities of Freiburg, Göttingen, and at University College London                                         

    1977 - 2017        teacher at a Berlin highschool; resident of Kreuzberg

    since   1980        starting on drawing, painting and collage inspired by talks with the psychoanalyst Prof. Dr.  Wolfgang

                               Hochheimer (1906 - 1991)  

                               continously dealing with photography; paper works; occasional videos

    1984 - 1985       drawing / painting classes at adult education centre

    1998                  "A Blow-up of Café Germania-Palast, 1928/1998" (today Berliner Bank, Mehringdamm 32-34)       

                                       [very large  framed blow-up of an original picture postcard showing the interior of the location +

                                       collage including the handwritten message on the reverse side of the postcard]

                                Various "blow-ups"  of private photographs

    2009                    acquiring basic skills of digital image processing with Adobe Photoshop       i                                    

    2011/2017           potpourris



Galerie Jeda, Berlin (1987)

Galerie Djesany (Kani Alavi), Berlin (1989)

Galerie La Girafe, "Anthologia - Vom Sammeln der Blumen" (2011)



Jesus-Christus-Kirche, Berlin-Kreuzberg (three artists) (2002)
Große Steglitzer Kunstausstellung, Campus Klinikum Benjamin Franklin (1998/1999/2000)
QuerschnittKreuzberg (until 1999) oberbaumArtbrücke (2003) Heiligkreuzkirche, Berlin: Art Auction for the benefit of refugees (2002 –2005) 'Künstler im Kiez', former Café Mora, Berlin-Kreuzberg (2011)




Essay about flat - hunting in the feuilleton of the local newspaper (Göttingen 1973)

Publication of a number of poems in the literary magazine "Das Nachtcafé" (Freiburg /Göttingen, 1975, 1976)


In 2003, after three years of research into the entanglement of my father and his parapsychological institute in the Nazi era in Strasbourg, my academically acknowledged study was published. It was accompagnied by public talks and later served as a door - opener for further research.

Moragiannis, Janne: Parapsychologie an der »Reichsuniversität Straßburg«. Hans Bender und die grenzwissenschaftliche Abteilung am »Institut für Psychologie und Klinische Psychologie«, 1941–1944.In: Le Détour. Revue des Sciences Humaines. Nouvelle série 1 (2003) – Nomades et clandestins (Éditions Histoire & Anthropologie, Strasbourg/France), S.155–176 (in deutscher Sprache).


Many publications on internal platforms  at my school


Letters to the editor (i.e. to taz, die tageszeitung)


"Brand im Wäldchen des Ostparks", with documentary photos, published on www.gleisdreieck-blog.de (24/4/2019)

Self – publishing of various literary and non-fictional  texts as well as essays to accompany current exhibitions. The latest project has just been completed: "Walking Through  Park am Gleisdreieck" (2018/19), a large collection of ten-word poems written after frequent visits there.