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         PandaArtFactory ...

... is a one-woman owned factory that produces some art and ideas to be shared with other people. It is also active in promoting the creative work of others. This is done by curating and hosting guest exhibitions on this website and by offering alternating links to selected events and websites.

As to my own artistic work, the focus of PandaArt's visual works is on photography and photography - based digital pictures. There is also collage, mixed-media panels and upcycling objects and I present minimalistic videos with a focus on sounds and slight movement.

Another form of my artistic commitment is writing. Texts range from letters to the editor (published in "taz" die tageszeitung) and essays to fiction - in fact, anything but novels.

The name of the factory already implies that it takes the liberty of creating almost everything - ta pánta ['panda] meaning 'all' in modern Greek.

Yet you can be certain that no racist, woman-hating or man-hating ideas - nor deadly boring ones - will ever have a chance to be processed by PandaArtFactory.

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 Vita Janne BenderHier

Chalk Drawings by Unknown Young Park Visitors /
Kreidezeichnungen unbekannter junger Parkbesucher:innen (2020)
This is one of my favourite "collections". It was compiled in Gleisdreieckpark, Berlin during the first lockdown in March and April last year. Those drawings are both vigorous and tender; the pictures reflect the young artists' perceptions of the world around them. Some of the drawings are geometrical or ornamental, most of them figurative and quite expressive. (There is some anger but mostly joie de vivre with a humorous outlook.) We can also recognize an archaic quality, for example in some of the representations of animals.
Being fugitive works of art, those drawings have been washed off by the rain shortly after they were created.

General Sales Information


Private licences for the printing of photographs and photography - based pictures are sold at very reasonable prices. Most other exhibits are also for sale. - Exception: the photographs of "Park am Gleisdreieck", which must not be sold.


No matter whether you are actually considering buying anything, questions about the artistic context of exhibits will be readily answered.

Please contact me:  mail(at)pandaartfactory.de